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How To Pick a Baby Sling

Baby slings are available in many types, styles, fabrics, and quality levels. do your research and use the following guidelines to choose the best baby sling.


  • TIP: The baby's back should also be supported so the baby is not slouching excessively.
  • Step 1: Choose a sling with a zippered pocket to store your keys, money, and an extra pacifier.
  • Step 2: Research and examine all the different types of slings before purchasing. Go to to search for any recalls.
  • FACT: Carrying a baby in a sling enhances visual and auditory alertness, and reduces crying and colic.
  • Step 3: Keep your baby's head supported with a padded sling. This is ideal for breastfeeding moms and newborn babies that can't support their heads.
  • Step 4: Buy a carrier that can be adjusted to fit both parents.
  • TIP: Make sure slings come with precise tying instructions.
  • Step 5: Eliminate back strain by choosing a carrier that will support both of your shoulders.
  • Step 6: Choose a lightweight fabric that allows airflow to reach your baby. Look for fabrics that are washable and that use non-toxic dyes.
  • Step 7: Choose a sling that will grow with your child. Follow all the manufacturer's recommendations for weight and age requirements.

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