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How To Pick Men's Fashions That Make You Look More Muscular

Rather than walk around in an inflatable superhero costume, suit up stylishly with clothes that fit. Then keep your head up and strut.


  • Step 1: Sport classic flat front pants with straight-leg or boot-cut shapes. Avoid tapered trousers that emphasize slightness. Pleats, cuffs, and pockets can give the impression you are shrinking in your clothes again.
  • Step 2: Select various patterns, which can add some volume without bulking the look. But avoid pinstripes, which can elongate and bring attention to your thin physique.
  • Step 3: Rely on turtlenecks to thicken your look, rather than open neck tops and sweaters that emphasize that bulging Adam's apple. Enjoy the look you've pulled off.
  • FACT: The term "metrosexual" invented by journalist Mark Simpson in 1994 was meant to describe straight men who put a lot of time and money into their appearance.
  • TIP: Carry yourself confidently, being conscious not to slump or shuffle.
  • Step 4: Choose form-fitting shirts that don't cling and don't emphasize your thin upper torso. Consistently avoid baggy pants with this shirt, and avoid a looser shirt or sweater with tight pants.
  • Step 5: Accentuate a thin figure by using only enough material to allow movement, without bagging. You should fill but not get lost in or burst out of a coat.
  • Step 6: Wear shorter jackets that emphasize your slim legs without making you seem long and narrow.
  • TIP: Consider getting a suit or coat custom-made by a professional tailor to enhance your form.
  • Step 7: Mold small shoulder pads that don't extend beyond the top of your shoulder. Look natural, not constructed in Frankenstein's basement.

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