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How To Pick Sexy Lingerie For Your Honeymoon

Be the hottest newlywed in town by packing the perfect pieces for a sizzling wedding trip.


  • TIP: Surveys show that men like bras and panties trimmed with ribbons and bows.
  • Step 1: Have a pair of panties inscribed "Mrs." and his last name. Even if you're keeping your maiden name, it's a sexy gesture that's sure to garner some passionate thanks.
  • FACT: Sixty-five percent of men polled said they liked provocative lingerie that bordered on slutty.
  • Step 2: Have a few exquisitely detailed bra-and-panty sets. This is no time for mismatched underwear!
  • Step 3: Pack a garter and sheer stockings with seams. Have a pair of stilettos that goes with them, and bring along a pair of feathered kitten heels to serve as bedroom slippers.
  • Step 4: Go with silks and satins. Men find those textures much sexier than cotton. And have at least one all-lace bra; it was voted sexiest bra by men polled.
  • Step 5: Play to your strengths. Thongs look great on a generous derriere; boy shorts are better suited to smaller butts. Large-breasted women look sexy in strapless bras with underwire support; less-endowed women should try push-up bras. Avoid bras with padding, which are great under clothes but not so sexy for foreplay.
  • TIP: Give new items a trial run to make sure nothing is tight enough to leave pressure marks on your skin.
  • Step 6: Pick up some red and black underthings. Asked to name their favorite lingerie color, men picked red first, followed by black, and then white. They were not big fans of pink.

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