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How To Play a Photocopier Prank on a Coworker

Imagine how annoyed your coworker will get when they can't find an object they think is stuck on the glass – and how amused you will be.


  • Step 1: Make a few copies with the lid open, so they come out completely black. Mix them in with the blank sheets in the paper drawer.
  • Step 2: When someone makes copies with your prank paper, they'll think that item is stuck on the glass. Watch and laugh as they try to find it.
  • FACT: The fastest photocopiers in the world can copy three pages per second.
  • TIP: Don’t put all your copies together – the prank lasts longer that way.
  • Step 3: Mix in your copies of the items with the store of blank paper in the tray.
  • Step 4: Replace the first item with another and repeat the process until you're finished making copies of each item.
  • TIP: Torn-up business cards also work well, as do wads of lint or ball-point pen caps.
  • Step 5: Open the photocopier's lid and place one of your small objects on the glass. Make a few copies.

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