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How to Play Baby Shower Games

Oohing and aahing over baby clothes and burp cloths doesn't have to be the only thing to do at a baby shower. Follow these fun directions and keep all of your guests entertained.


  • Step 1: Have guests pull a length of toilet paper from a roll that they think is equivalent to the size of the mommy's belly. Have each person wrap their length around the mommy-to-be. The guest with the length closest to the mommy's belly size wins.
  • TIP: Not every mommy-to-be likes party games, especially those that include measuring her belly. Be respectful of your guest of honor's feelings when picking games.
  • Step 2: Choose prizes that fit the party theme or feminine gifts for pampering. Hand out prizes to all of the game winners and congratulate them on their awesome baby game skills.
  • FACT: The U.S. Social Security Administration maintains a list of popular baby names dating back to 1880.The most popular baby names in 2009 were Isabella and Jacob.
  • Step 3: Hand each guest one clothespin to attach to their shirt. Explain that any time someone catches them saying the word "baby," their clothespin will get stolen. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of the shower wins.
  • TIP: Use an assortment of chocolates with nuts, fruit, caramel, or crispies so each diaper looks different.
  • TIP: This game keeps guests interested during the sometimes long process of opening the gifts!
  • Step 4: Place a plastic baby in each cube space on an ice cube tray. Fill to the top with water to cover the babies and freeze overnight. Put a frozen baby into a plastic baggie and hand one to each guest. The first baby to be "born," or completely melted, is the winner.
  • Step 5: Open the diapers and place one kind of candy in each diaper. Place it in the microwave to melt the candy. Have guests try to guess what kind of candy is in the diaper by smelling, looking, or even tasting it. The guest with the most correct answers wins.
  • Step 6: Make baby Bingo cards on your computer with 25 empty spaces. Have guests fill each square on the Bingo card with items commonly given at a baby shower -- don't forget the free space in the middle! When the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, have the guests cross off the items until someone gets a Baby Bingo!

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