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How To Play Parcheesi

In Parcheesi, players roll a pair of dice and attempt to move their pawns around a game board. The game is played on a circle and cross patterned board with 68 squares.


  • TIP: If your pawn lands on a square occupied by two pawns belonging to another player, your pawn cannot pass until the other pawns are moved.
  • Step 1: Continue advancing your pawns until they have returned to your home circle, where they are safe from capture, or until another player has brought all their pawns home. The first player to move all four pawns around the board and return home wins the game.
  • FACT: Parcheesi is an American adaptation of the Indian game Pachisi, which has been played since at least the 4th century C.E.
  • Step 2: Land on the same square as another player's pawn, and the other player's pawn is returned to its home base – unless your pawn lands on a "safe" square or on a square occupied by two pawns owned by another player.
  • Step 3: Move one or two of your pawns in a counter-clockwise direction on the board in increments corresponding to the values on the dice. You can move two pawns once or one pawn twice.
  • Step 4: Start at your home circle and roll the dice when it is your turn.
  • TIP: If you roll a double number, you get an extra turn. Under certain conditions, you may also be allowed to move your pawn additional spaces.
  • Step 5: Roll the dice to determine the order of play High roll goes first.

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