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How To Play Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3

Entertain the kids at your next party by organizing an exciting game that's so simple, everyone can join in.


  • TIP: Have an adult supervisor referee, sending those still moving back to the start line.
  • Step 1: Repeat play with the winner of the last game assuming the role of “it.”
  • FACT: The modern, three-color traffic light was invented by William L. Potts, a police officer in Detroit, Michigan in 1920.
  • Step 2: Send any players still moving when you say "red light" back to the start line to begin again if you are "it." Then repeat calling out "green light" and "red light," continuing play until someone reaches the finish line.
  • Step 3: Call out "red light" after reaching the count of three. Players must stop running and freeze when “it” calls out "red light," and then turns around to face the players.
  • Step 4: Choose the person who will be "it." This person controls the game. “It” stands at the finish line while everyone else forms a line along the start line.
  • Step 5: Begin play when “it” calls out "green light," with their back to the other players. "It" counts aloud, "one-two-three," while the players run toward the finish line.
  • Step 6: Determine a start line and a finish line. The more distance between the lines, the more exercise everyone will get.

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