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How To Play Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

If you’re looking for something to do with the useless Hollywood trivia that crowds the airwaves, you might enjoy playing a game that requires reasoning and human interaction.


  • Step 1: Explain the rules: players must relate a random actor to Kevin Bacon through a chain that can’t exceed six links. For example – Meg Ryan was in _You’ve Got Mail_ with Tom Hanks, who was in _Apollo 13_ with Kevin Bacon, which is two degrees of separation.
  • Step 2: Choose the order of play and pick an actor to start the game. Have the first player link a celebrity to the original name, then another who has been in a movie with that actor to a third, and so on.
  • Step 3: Taking more than six steps of separation ends the turn. That person will be charged with 10 points. Otherwise, each correct link for six or fewer connections on the way to Kevin Bacon counts as a point.
  • TIP: Connect the actor to large, ensemble cast films such as _Crash_ or _Mars Attacks_, which offer more links to other films.
  • Step 4: If no one is able to connect to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or fewer, the starting player must do so or is penalized 10 points.
  • TIP: Substitute other celebrities for Kevin Bacon.
  • Step 5: Continue taking turns until the person with the fewest points, or degrees of separation, wins.
  • FACT: Kevin Bacon founded the initiative Six Degrees in 2007 to help charities raise money through social networking.

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