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How To Play VW Punch

Fight boredom in the car the old fashioned way -- by playing car games and keeping score. Plus you get to slug your neighbor in the shoulder -- hey, it's tradition.


  • Step 1: Follow the "no-punch-back" rule -- you can't punch back the person who punched you unless they mistakenly called a "punch buggy" on the wrong kind of car.
  • FACT: The Volkswagen beetle was originally named Kaefer, which is German for "beetle". The car company began marketing it by its American name in the 1960s.
  • Step 2: Keep score. You get one point for each Beetle you're the first to call, and lose one point for each mistaken identification. The person with the most points at the end of the day is the winner.
  • TIP: If Beetle traffic is light, you can expand the game to include other models of Volkswagens.
  • Step 3: The first player to spot one punches their neighbor on the shoulder and says, "punch buggy" followed by the color of the car, as in, "Punch buggy yellow."
  • Step 4: Watch the road closely for Volkswagen Beetles.

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