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How to Practice Proper Baseball Etiquette

Baseball etiquette is no joke. Find out the manners and regard required of fans and players alike to demonstrate proper respect during a ball game.


  • TIP: When players don't mention the no-hitter to the pitcher while he is throwing one, it's not technically baseball etiquette -- it's superstition.
  • Step 1: Refrain from throwing anything onto the field or at a player. At the end of the game, pick up your trash and toss it out. Both fans and players must accept defeat with grace -- it's a new game again tomorrow.
  • FACT: In an early season game in 2010, Alex Rodriquez violated baseball's unwritten etiquette when, after an out, he trotted back to the dugout over the pitcher's mound.
  • Step 2: Applaud a team which, though well ahead in runs, stops pressing to manufacture more. This is considered classy, and genuine sportsmanship, the core of proper baseball etiquette.
  • TIP: Batters don't peek at the catcher's signs, but stealing signs from second base is part of the game.
  • Step 3: Don't cheer for players who preen and taunt as some do in other sports. Exhibitionism, like lingering at the plate to watch a home run, should be discouraged.
  • Step 4: Cheer the player who hustles down to first base on all ground balls, running out even routine ones, no matter how little chance they have or how prized their talent. They should run off the field between innings, too.
  • Step 5: Practice proper baseball etiquette by arriving to the game on time. Stand and remove your hat during the National Anthem, and don't speak or cheer until the end.

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