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How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Winter

When winter's first chill arrives, decide whether to shut down your hot tub for the season, or to prepare to maintain it through snow, sleet, and dropping temperatures. Know what you're in for and the process will be smoother.


  • TIP: Consider hiring a professional to properly prepare your hot tub for winter.
  • Step 1: Clean the shell with a suitable product, rinse with water, and towel dry.
  • Step 2: Place the cover in position, then secure doors and latches. Now, pour yourself a warm drink and relax by the fire as Old Man Winter moves in for the season.
  • FACT: From the 1880s until the 1940s, America's baseball teams flocked to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to soothe their tired muscles in the natural spa waters.
  • Step 3: Purge air blowers, remove filters, loosen fittings to allow free drainage, and blow water out of air jets.
  • TIP: A spa vacuum will aid the draining process.
  • Step 4: Continue to enjoy your hot tub during winter, but prepare for cold and snow by laying a floating thermal blanket across the water surface and keeping the unit securely covered.
  • Step 5: Set the timer to cycle water 2 to 4 times every hour throughout the season to prevent water from freezing.
  • TIP: Prevent damage from winter power outages by having a generator available to run the hot tub system.
  • Step 6: Shut down a hot tub for winter by powering off the system, then flushing and draining the plumbing.
  • Step 7: Make your plan for winter hot tub care based on whether you will continue to use the tub or shut it down.

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