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How To Prevent Childhood Asthma

Even before your bundle of joy makes their appearance, there are steps to take to reduce the chances they will suffer from asthma, the leading serious chronic illness of American children.


  • TIP: Including foods rich in omega-3 fats in your diet, as well as your child's, may reduce the risk of childhood allergies developing.
  • Step 1: Provide your child clean air to breathe indoors and outdoors. A pure environment reduces asthma risks, making life healthier and happier for the entire family.
  • FACT: Seven million American children suffer from asthma.
  • Step 2: Test your child for allergies before the age of 5, seeking early treatment to prevent other allergies from developing.
  • Step 3: Get a flu shot to protect your child from catching and developing respiratory infections which may increase asthma risk. Children over six months should also get a flu shot.
  • Step 4: Reduce airborne allergens by using hypoallergenic covers on your baby's bedding. Also, clean your carpets and upholstery with benzyl benzoate.
  • Step 5: Breastfeed your child for four to six months to encourage a strong immune system. Wait until the child is six months old to introduce solid foods.
  • TIP: If you must supplement breast milk with formula, use only hypoallergenic brands.
  • Step 6: Avoid smoke if you're pregnant. After birth, prevent your child's exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.

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