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How To Prove Slander

To throw the book at someone who slandered your name and reputation, you need to be armed with the right kind of proof.


  • Step 1: Hire a lawyer to collect evidence and present your case.
  • FACT: Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach sued the university, alleging slander after he was fired amid allegations that he had mistreated a player.
  • Step 2: In many cases, you'll need to get proof that you were harmed as a result of the slander. For instance, show that no workplace will hire you since the defendant told an industry gathering purportedly personal things about you that were not true.
  • Step 3: Find witnesses who heard the slanderous speech. You have to prove that other people heard the false statement.
  • Step 4: Gather as much hard evidence as possible to show that the statement made against you was false.
  • TIP: Generally, slander is defined as words that spoken out loud, rather than written.
  • : Laws vary by state. Always consult an attorney for expert, specific legal advice.

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