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How To Pull a Graduation Day Prank

Make Graduation Day memorable for everyone with a well-planned prank or two.


  • Step 1: Hide a small tube of ointment beneath your graduation gown. Just before you receive your diploma, apply the gel generously to your right hand so the person congratulating you gets slimed big time.
  • FACT: A Pennsylvanian who streaked his high school graduation was arrested and sentenced to six months to two years in prison before a higher court overturned the sentence.
  • Step 2: Have all graduates perform the wave whenever the presiding dignitary says a designated word that’s bound to be uttered over and over, like “future.” Low-grade humming also works.
  • Step 3: Get as many classmates as possible to arrange to get a phone call at the same moment, preferably in the middle of some unpopular professor’s boring speech. When the speaker gives a disgusted glare, have someone yell, “It’s for you.”
  • TIP: Don’t streak! If caught and convicted, you could end up classified as a sex offender.
  • Step 4: Cause mass confusion with a few well-placed parking signs—like “General Parking” in the area reserved for campus dignitaries and “Parking Reserved Exclusively for Class of 1928” in the general parking lot.
  • Step 5: Plan your prank well in advance, bearing in mind that while you want it to be memorable, you need to keep it harmless. So nix anything that could result in bodily harm or property damage.

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