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How to Pull Off a Garter Belt Gag at Your Wedding

The guests expect to see a frilly garter belt after the groom reaches underneath the bride's dress. But what appears is a hilarious series of unexpected items. Execute this crowd-pleasing gag like a pro with these tips.


  • TIP: If you know a celebrity, he or she could make an impressive final item to come out from beneath the bride's dress.
  • Step 1: Finish with the groom pulling out the garter, at last. It will be a reception no one will forget.
  • FACT: A 2009 survey by The found that the average amount spent on a wedding DJ was $892.
  • Step 2: Pull out small items first and larger items last, such as a beach ball, a beach umbrella, golf clubs, or an ex-boyfriend.
  • Step 3: Cue the music to play as you begin the gag. "“The Stripper” or “Mission: Impossible” are appropriate choices.
  • Step 4: Fill a box with gag items -- anything from boxer shorts to a rubber chicken -- the more outrageous the better. Arrange them in order from smallest to largest. Cover the chair that the bride will sit in during the garter removal with a tablecloth so no one can see underneath. Back the chair up to a table covered in a tablecloth and have a willing accomplice hide underneath the table to pass items through to the groom.
  • TIP: If you don't have an accomplice, simply hide the box underneath the chair.
  • Step 5: Prep the DJ, who will emcee the gag. Come up with funny lines that he'll use as each item is revealed. For example, pull out a fake hand and have the DJ say, “Maybe we should give him a hand.” After the appearance of a live rabbit, he might joke, “And now, for his next trick...” And a baby doll might prompt him to say, “They got married just in time.”
  • Step 6: Decide as a couple that you think this is a fun reception gag. If either of you is not comfortable with pulling off a gag at your wedding reception, it won't be fun and you should say the horseplay for another occasion.

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