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How to Qualify for the NYC Marathon

The race itself is tough, but qualifying for one of the world's most prestigious running events is even tougher. See if you have what it takes to gain entry into the New York City Marathon.


  • TIP: Look for official New York Road Runners and New York City Marathon training program information at
  • Step 1: Pay your entry fee when you learn that you have been accepted for the marathon. Lace up your running shoes and start your dedicated training for this exciting and celebrated event.
  • FACT: The first-ever New York City Marathon took place in 1970. Of the 127 participants, only 55 finished.
  • Step 2: Find the registration form on the New York Road Runners website. Complete an application and submit it along with information about your qualifying time and a processing fee before the deadline, which is typically in mid-March.
  • Step 3: Compete in a qualifying marathon or half-marathon race that posts its finish times online. Earn a finish time that meets the New York Marathon's qualifying time standards.
  • Step 4: Check the website of the New York Road Runners -- -- for the qualifying times for your gender and age group.
  • TIP: Join the New York Road Runners club for an opportunity for guaranteed entry in the race and a discount on your entry fees.
  • Step 5: Be at least 18 years old to qualify to compete in the New York marathon.

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