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How to Raise Happy Children

Raising happy children is more complicated than having fun. Create good experiences for your children, and teach them to face life's unwelcome surprises with a smile.


  • TIP: Reflect on your own values before preaching to children. Model happy, conscientious behavior.
  • Step 1: Raise children to figure out their own problems rather than doing it for them. Developing resources to independently work out solutions brings success, confidence, and ultimately happiness.
  • FACT: The Crayola crayon company has been making kids smile since 1885.
  • Step 2: Cultivate giving of oneself, putting others' needs first. Show your children that true happiness lies in their ability to help others achieve happiness.
  • Step 3: Coach children to foster good relationships with people who keep promises, hold to principles, and can be depended upon when times get rough.
  • TIP: Keep the TV off and let the children solve their boredom with playing outside.
  • Step 4: Promote a positive, optimistic attitude about life by example, emphasizing kindness and hard work over simple material advantage. Children learn by imitating their parents.
  • Step 5: Teach children to create their own happiness, rather than waiting for entertainment or stimulation. A few sheets of paper and crayons is sometimes enough to get them going.
  • Step 6: Build the child's self-esteem through interaction. Eye contact and attention convey how important children are. Join them in activities for which they have shown a passion including tea parties, sing-a-longs, or wrestling.

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