How to Recover from a Stressful Wedding

Was the "happiest day of your life" also one of the most nerve-racking? Here's how to deal with the aftermath.


  • TIP: In a survey of people ages 18 to 27, married couples were 3 times more likely to both be obese than singles, while cohabitating unmarried couples were only twice as likely.
  • Step 1: Invite loved ones over to swap stories and compare notes about your wedding; chances are it flew by so quickly that you don't remember half of it. Just be sure to make it a potluck gathering; it's too soon for you to be stressing over another menu!
  • FACT: Getting married is ranked #7 on the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale -- more nerve-racking than getting fired.
  • Step 2: Watch what you eat. Between the stress of planning the wedding and the desire to look good, you probably lost some weight before your march down the aisle. Don't use food to help you recover from a stressful wedding.
  • Step 3: Get your finances in order. Stressful or not, a wedding usually comes with a big bill, as does the honeymoon. Don't add to the anxiety by letting newlywed debt get out of control -- create a plan for paying off everything.
  • Step 4: Let go of any mishaps that marred the big day. Yes, you have a right to be annoyed at sub-par vendors and drunken guests. But you need to focus on what the day was really about: marrying the love of your life.
  • Step 5: Make amends with anyone whose head you ripped off in a moment of pre-wedding mania; you might not be the only person who needs to recover from your stressful wedding! A simple note acknowledging that your body had been taken over by Bridezilla -- or Groomzilla -- should suffice.
  • Step 6: Book another vacation as soon as you return from your honeymoon, even if it's just a weekend getaway. The more stressful the wedding preparation, the bigger the letdown many couples feel once the hoopla is over. Anticipating another trip will help lift your spirits.

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