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How to Remove a Blue-Green Copper Stain from a Bathroom Sink

The unsightly blue-green stain in your sink is the result of acidic water eroding copper pipes. You can remove the stains from your porcelain with a few household items and cleaners and a little elbow grease.


  • TIP: Because the use of phosphate is legally limited, most TSP products sold commercially are largely comprised of TSP substitutes, but are equally effective.
  • Step 1: Try various commercially available bathroom cleaners if all else fails. Many all-purpose or bathroom cleaning products may be effective in removing the stain.
  • FACT: Americans recycled enough copper in 1989 to supply the wiring and plumbing for every building constructed that year.
  • Step 2: Mix a solution of water and TSP, or trisodium phosphate, stop the drain, and pour the solution over the stain if it is especially stubborn. Then scrub it with a sponge or rag. When the stain is removed, thoroughly rinse the sink and fixtures.
  • Step 3: Cut a lemon into wedges and rub the lemon juice into the stain. It will take some elbow grease, but you can scrub away the stain if you keep at it.
  • TIP: Always wear gloves and make sure the area is well-ventilated when you use harsh cleaning products.
  • Step 4: Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to a small pail of ammonia if ammonia and water didn't work. Agitate the solution to form suds and pour it over the stain while the drain is stopped. Then scrub the stain and thoroughly rinse the solution away.
  • Step 5: Pull the stopper on the sink's drain or block the drain with a sponge or rag if the stain is still there. Pour white vinegar over it, let it set for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a vinegar-soaked sponge or rag before rinsing.
  • Step 6: Fill a spray bottle with equal parts ammonia and water. Spray the copper stain liberally and let the solution set for a few minutes. Then scrub the stain with a sponge or rag. Be sure to flush your pipes with clean water after you rinse it off.

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