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How To Ride a Dirt Bike

If you have daredevil dreams but training-wheel skills, this guide will keep you safe on your next motocross adventure.


  • Step 1: Grip the handle bars and place the middle or index finger of each hand on the brake and clutch, but don't squeeze too hard when using the throttle.
  • Step 2: Focus your eyes on the road ahead and not on your front fender.
  • Step 3: Pull off the track or course safely before lowering the kick stand and shutting the engine off. Enjoy your new hobby!
  • FACT: The word "daredevil" dates back to the 1700s as someone who tempts fate or literally dares the devil.
  • TIP: Stand or sit straight as you ride and use your legs and arms to absorb some of the shock, especially on uneven terrain.
  • Step 4: Start the bike by shifting the clutch into neutral and then stomping down on the kick start and revving the throttle. Release the clutch slowly.
  • Step 5: Don safety gear including a helmet, pads and gloves, riding pants, motocross boots, motocross jacket and jersey, a chest protector, and goggles.
  • TIP: A training facility will provide you with all needed equipment and a bike. You may want to try things out before spending thousands of dollars.
  • Step 6: Inspect the dirt bike carefully, being sure to test the brakes, check the tires, and top off the fuel tank if needed.
  • Step 7: Find a controlled environment free of hazards such as cars, trees, large rocks, and other riders.

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