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How to Ride a Segway

A Segway requires a little practice to learn to ride correctly, but once you do you will be zipping around town in no time.


  • Step 1: Lean forward and turn at the same time once you are comfortable with both movements on their own. When turning, lean into the turn so that you don't tip over.
  • TIP: Think about your natural movements on foot while you're riding your Segway. You wouldn't run full speed across a field of icy grass, would you?
  • Step 2: Get off of the Segway very carefully. Make sure it is completely stopped before stepping down. Keep the platform level, and, once you are down, let go of the handlebars. Then power off the machine and charge it up for your next ride.
  • FACT: The Segway was first introduced in 2001.
  • Step 3: Turn in place by moving the Steering Grip to the right and the left. Start simple by turning without moving forward or backward.
  • Step 4: Learn to lean your body in the direction you want to go, whether forward or backward. The further you lean in either direction, the faster the Segway will travel.
  • Step 5: Choose a flat surface for your first ride. Make sure the area is not wet and that there are not distractions.
  • TIP: Get someone to spot you for the first couple of rides. They can also read the instructions to you while you ride.
  • Step 6: Wait for the Segway to turn on and go into Balance Mode before stepping on. If you don't let the Segway get balanced it will just tip over rather than move with you.
  • : Read the safety manual before riding a Segway to avoid serious injury or death.

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