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How to Save Contacts to a SIM Card

Whether you're switching to the latest cellphone, or you're the victim of an untimely phone accident, it can be helpful to back up all of your contacts onto your phone's SIM card so you don't lose them.


  • Step 1: Change your settings to save automatically either to the phone or SIM card when you add a new contact.
  • Step 2: Use a SIM card reader to back up your contacts to your computer. After you save your contacts to the SIM card, insert the card into the reader, and insert the reader into your computer. You can then save your contact information to the computer.
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  • Step 3: Edit the contact information. Then, save the contact.
  • Step 4: Move multiple contacts, if the option is available, by selecting Copy All to SIM or Multiple to SIM. You can merge or override any data for contacts you already have on your SIM card.
  • Step 5: Display the menu or options. Scroll until you find the option for Save to SIM or Copy to SIM Phone Book.
  • TIP: Some smartphones do not offer the option to save contacts to a SIM card, so it may be necessary to sync your phone with your computer instead.
  • Step 6: Open your contacts or address book on your phone. Select the contact you want to copy. Usually you can only copy one contact at a time.

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