How to Save Dolphins and Whales

No matter where you live, you can take action to save dolphin and whale populations from decline or even extinction and help support a balanced marine ecosystem.


  • TIP: Note that other species may be harmed when harvesting tuna labeled "dolphin safe."
  • Step 1: Boycott products in which harvest methods harm marine creatures, keeping in mind destruction of the food web could lead to the collapse of dolphin and whale populations.
  • Step 2: Contact your lawmakers and demand they support policies to save dolphins and whales. Finally, put your money where your mouth is and buy only environmentally-safe products to protect the future of our amazing playful, graceful, and intelligent dolphins and whales.
  • FACT: In 2009, robot fish modeled after carp were designed to detect ocean pollution.
  • Step 3: Remain informed about global commercial fishing methods, its impact on dolphins and whales, and what bycatch is destroyed in the process.
  • Step 4: Avoid releasing balloons which may travel hundreds of miles to oceans where dolphins and whales mistake them for jellyfish and die after ingesting them.
  • Step 5: Think before you dump anything into the streets which may end up in a storm drain to eventually pollute streams, rivers, and oceans -- causing degradation of dolphin and whale habitat.
  • TIP: Dispose of hazardous waste materials at a designated neighborhood drop site.
  • Step 6: Reduce consumption and recycle waste, especially plastic, to avoid adding to the millions of pounds of trash dumped into oceans annually.
  • TIP: Cut up plastic six-pack rings to save marine creatures from becoming entangled in them.
  • Step 7: Educate yourself on the dangers facing dolphins and whales and consider joining an organization dedicated to preserving water quality or protecting marine creatures.

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