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How to Save Energy in School

Help your school go green with these simple suggestions for saving energy.


  • Step 1: Check cafeteria energy savings, making sure refrigerator coils are dusted regularly, and to make sure hot water settings are as low as is practical.
  • Step 2: Monitor bathroom faucets to make sure they are turned off when not in use, and report any leaks to a teacher, janitor, or principal.
  • Step 3: Initiate a contest between classrooms or schools to see which can create the highest energy savings. Follow these tips and every student will be a conservation hero.
  • FACT: In 2010, Utah committed to installing alternative energy solar panels at one or more buildings in each of the state's school districts.
  • TIP: Plant trees around the building to provide cooling shade.
  • Step 4: Control heating and cooling energy use by making sure windows and doors are kept closed.
  • TIP: Ask the local newspaper to publish a story about your energy club.
  • Step 5: Share information about how your school can conserve energy with displays at science fairs and through art, music and drama presentations.
  • Step 6: Help develop a policy requiring school lights be turned off in rooms, hallways, and bathrooms during recesses and before and after school hours.
  • TIP: Hang signs near light switches to remind people to turn lights off.
  • Step 7: Organize a club to discuss energy conservation ideas and ways the school can become more efficient.

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