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How to Save History on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that is compatible for both Mac and PC. It is easy to keep a record of the websites you have visited by customizing the settings.


  • Step 1: Surf the net. Now you can be sure that any websites you visit can be revisited at the click of a button.
  • FACT: The Mozilla Project, which runs Firefox and Thunderbird e-mail, was started in 1998.
  • TIP: You can customize the settings to save the history for a certain number of days and other options.
  • Step 2: Open the Privacy tab. In that tab there will be a dropdown menu where you can select the option to have Firefox save all your history.
  • Step 3: Click Tools at the top of the screen. From that menu, select Options.
  • Step 4: Open Firefox on your computer. Either open it from the Start menu or click on the icon on your desktop.

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