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How to Save HTML Files

You can save HTML files to your computer via a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Step 1: Select the HTML Only option to save a web page's HTML-formatted text without graphics. Or choose Text Only to save the page as a plain text file.
  • Step 2: Save a web page in the PDF file format. Use a PDF converter, which you can download for free online. Or buy Adobe's online conversion service.
  • FACT: In 1990, British physicist Tim Berners-Lee launched his invention, the World Wide Web, on the internet. He also invented HTML code.
  • Step 3: Choose Web Page, Archive to save web page files as a single file, including graphics. This format's file extension is .mht as opposed to .html or .htm.
  • TIP: Create a folder on your desktop for Web Page, Complete files. This will make them easier to find.
  • TIP: Chrome and Firefox also use Web Page, Complete; Web Page, Archive; HTML Only; and Text Only saving formats.
  • Step 4: Select Web Page, Complete. This format saves all of the individual files that make up a web page, including HTML, graphics, frames, and style sheets.
  • Step 5: Save an IE page. Click the File menu, and then click Save As. Select Web Page, Complete; Web Page, Archive; HTML Only; or Text Only file format.

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