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How to Save Money On Food at the Supermarket

Looking to price chop when you food shop? Check out these tips to help you save money at the supermarket.


  • Step 1: Buy in bulk wisely. Purchase large amounts of groceries with a long shelf life that you’re sure to use like canned and paper goods. Check the unit price for anything sold in bulk to make sure the supermarket's actually offering a deal.
  • Step 2: Ready to pay? Watch the scanner carefully in case it hasn't been updated to the sale prices for food in the supermarket. If you spot a discrepancy, speak up immediately and get the serious savings you deserve!
  • FACT: In 2009, chain supermarket sales in Canada totaled almost $45 billion Canadian.
  • TIP: Eat before you go to the supermarket to avoid buying food out of hunger.
  • Step 3: Avoid temptation at the supermarket. Don't be drawn in by a brand's packaging, advertising, or location on the shelf if another comparable item is cheaper.
  • Step 4: Buy a Sunday paper and check out the coupon supplements, and scour online coupon websites for deals. Check supermarket websites or advertisements to find opportunities to combine clippings with in-store specials.
  • Step 5: Commit to spending more time in the kitchen to save money at the supermarket. Cut down on processed foods, sliced meats and vegetables, and grated cheeses, which generally cost more than food you prepare yourself.
  • Step 6: Plan the week's meals before heading to the supermarket. Make a clear list of exactly what you need, checking to make sure you don't already have the ingredients in your home.

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