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How to Save Money on Postage

E-mail and text messages haven't completely eliminated the need for standard mail. When you need to send a letter or package there are tricks to reduce the costs.


  • Step 1: Slow down the delivery when there isn't urgency. The cost of mailing an item can go up quickly when you ask for speedy delivery.
  • FACT: In 2009, 30 billion U.S. postage stamps were printed.
  • Step 2: Use flat-rate boxes when sending packages. The postage for these boxes is predetermined and not dependent on how much you put in the box.
  • TIP: Instead of sending a letter in an envelope, try just sending a postcard.
  • Step 3: Buy stamps only when you need them. If you stock up and then suffer another hike in stamp prices, you could end up having to use two stamps instead of one.
  • Step 4: Pay your bills online. You don't need to send a check to pay most bills, and many you can link up to your checking account.

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