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How To Save on School Uniforms

School uniforms can be another added expense to back to school shopping. Save money when clothing your kids by utilizing these suggestions.


  • Step 1: Search online or contact your school to find out about back to school grants for low income families.
  • TIP: Grants will cover school uniforms and supplies.
  • Step 2: Find the best deals by shopping online. You will save time and gas when outfitting your child for either public or private school.
  • FACT: In 1994, Long Beach Unified School District was the first school district to adopt a mandatory school uniform policy.
  • Step 3: Organize a school fundraiser to purchase uniforms.
  • Step 4: Build a network with other parents at the school. Buy, trade, or sell with other families.
  • TIP: Stores often offer coupons to frequent customers who are on their mailing list.
  • Step 5: Purchase uniforms for your boys or girls for the next year if the prices are right.
  • TIP: Choose one size larger for the next year.
  • Step 6: Search consignment and thrift stores for some great deals on the right dress, coats, skirts, or slacks.
  • Step 7: Shop around for sales. Ask to be put on the mailing list for upcoming sales.

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