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How to Save on Your Gas Bill

Stop throwing your heat and money out the window and reduce your energy costs with these steps.


  • Step 1: Set your water heater to the appropriate temperature. Keep the setting between 115 degrees and 120 degrees -- any higher is a waste of money.
  • Step 2: Set your thermometer to a lower temperature when you leave your house. A programmable thermostat can be set to lower while you are gone during the day, heat up the house before you get home from work, and turn down the heat at night. By taking these steps, you can sit back and watch your gas bill get lower every month.
  • FACT: In 2006, Peoples Gas, a natural gas company in Chicago, refunded $100 million dollars for illegally overcharging customers.
  • Step 3: Insulate your water pipes. This keeps your water from needing to be reheated every time you turn on the faucet. If you have an old hot water heater, consider upgrading to an energy efficient tankless water heater.
  • TIP: Dry two or more loads of laundry in a row. The dryer is still hot after the first load and you can take advantage of the retained heat.
  • TIP: Take short showers instead of baths. Taking a bath uses a lot more hot water than taking a shower.
  • Step 4: Winterize your home during cold months. Keep the heat inside by caulking around drafty windows and using storm doors.
  • Step 5: Check that your clothes dryer vent is closed and sealed tightly outside. Sealing the dryer vent outside will keep the heat indoors.
  • Step 6: Use less hot water. Reducing your hot water for laundry, dishes, and showers is one of the easiest ways to lower your gas bill if you have a gas hot water heater.

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