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How To Seduce a Man

Step up to the plate and improve your pick-up swing with a few tips that will have men falling at your feet.


  • Step 1: Let the man feel like he did the seducing. Once you're sure that you've got the man under your spell, compliment the way he approached you, tell him you're happy he struck up a conversation. Men like that, and all of these tips, so following them will land you the cream of the crop.
  • FACT: Romantic feelings of love are caused by the release of the neurotransmitters adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin in your brain.
  • Step 2: Talk about positive, fun things, like your favorite music, movies, or places you've visited. Keep the depressing talk or gossip at home. It's probably not a good idea to immediately ask what he does for a living. Some people do not believe this defines a person, and you certainly don't want to be pegged as gold digger.
  • Step 3: Project a sensual side, but don't go overboard. Let him know through your body language that you have a sexy side by gently touching his arm or waist. Play with your hair, and maybe apply a bit of lip gloss in a subtle, yet sexy, way.
  • TIP: Keep a drink in your hand while you're out. You don't want men thinking that you are out to get a few free drinks.
  • Step 4: Dress to impress, smile, and make eye contact. Don't forget the perfume -- it's a known fact that men react to sweet smells on a women. These things will make you look and feel great. Confidence can be a real turn-on to men, so straighten up and think about how wonderful you are.
  • Step 5: Limit your group of friends to three. Big groups of girls can be intimidating to guys. Plus, if a guy does start talking to you, your friends can entertain each other.

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