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How to Sell Beauty Products

Selling cosmetics offers many people the opportunity to work out of their homes and make money. Get tips on how to market yourself and your products.


  • Step 1: Establish tangible goals to grow your business. Make a list of how many new contacts you'd like to make each month and then work toward your goal. Be creative and personable. Always remember your customer's name and never forget to follow up.
  • FACT: Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded in 1963. The company now has 1.8 million consultants worldwide.
  • Step 2: Use the internet to round up sales. Many companies offer their reps an online virtual store where customers can place direct orders.
  • Step 3: Create business cards, fliers and magnetic decals, anything to help advertise and market your business. Place your business cards on doors in your neighborhood, as well as area salons and grocery stores, or other venues your potential clientele may frequent.
  • TIP: Don't forget to investigate how the company's sales consultants make money. Do you sell to customers and keep a percentage of the sales you make or are you required to find new sales recruits to make any profit?
  • Step 4: Let your family and friends know about your new business. Educate them about your products and let them know about upcoming sales and events. Let them know you're available on weekends for parties and in the evenings for personal home consultations. Provide exceptional customer service to keep your customers coming back.
  • Step 5: Research the various beauty product companies online to see which one would be the best fit. Are there start-up costs? Paperwork to fill out? Other costs associated with being their independent representative? Talk to those who are already in the field to get an accurate picture.

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