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How to Sell Books on Amazon

Whether you're a professional bookseller or a seller of a few used books, you can sell books online through a variety of seller programs.


  • TIP: If you're listing multiple copies in the same transaction, all book copies must be in the same physical condition.
  • Step 1: Set your book's price regardless of the listed price. To collect online buyer payments, register for Marketplace Payment by Amazon.
  • Step 2: Decide if you want to ship items yourself or use Amazon's fulfillment service, which includes per-order handling and inventory storage for multiple items.
  • FACT: On Christmas Day, 2009, Amazon's e-book sales overtook their print book sales for the first time ever.
  • Step 3: Choose your book's condition from the Marketplace drop-down menu. Conditions include "new," "like new," "very good," "good," and "acceptable."
  • Step 4: List an individual book in Amazon's Marketplace. Your book copy must exactly match the format or edition of the book shown on its Amazon page.
  • TIP: Set up your account and include your business name and address, your contact and payment information, and your returns and refund policy.
  • Step 5: Know about per-item fees. Each sold item requires a referral fee, or a percentage of the product price. There's also a fixed closing fee per item.
  • Step 6: Search Amazon for the title of a specific book that you're selling. On the right side of the title's Amazon page, click the "Sell Yours Here" button.
  • Step 7: Sign up for a seller account at Amazon's website. Enroll as a professional seller for a monthly fee, or sell individual books at a per-item fee.

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