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How to Sell Insurance

Making a career out of selling insurance can be profitable, but you need to cover all the bases in order for it to work out.


  • Step 1: Work on your sales and communication skills. Most opportunities come up in casual conversation. Be genial and interested in everyone you meet, and invite them to talk about themselves to learn how you can help them.
  • Step 2: Stage events to hand out promotional goods. Give freebies such as pens, mugs, calendars, and key chains with your name and contact information on them to residents in your selling areas. Arrange to periodically drop by offices with coffee and donuts at clinics, for instance, if you sell medical insurance.
  • TIP: Commit to learn all you can through continuing education for additional licenses to cross-sell other products.
  • Step 3: Address the needs of people in any economy, which as always involves saving them money by creatively setting up specific policy coverages. Know your field, changes in the law, and every day applications as an authority customers can count upon.
  • FACT: About 2.3 million Americans were employed by the insurance industry in 2008, 61 percent by insurance carriers and the rest by insurance agencies, brokerages, and providers of other insurance-related services.
  • TIP: Membership in a church group, rotary club, or other community organizations not only helps the company image and puts you in a network, but shows investment in the lives you wish to insure.
  • Step 4: Volunteer your company's support for causes, sponsor events, or buy Little League uniforms to integrate your company's image in the public mind while providing a public benefit.
  • Step 5: Raise your profile and become more visible in the community by presenting a seminar at a local restaurant or facility. Invest your money on formal, professional looking mailed invitations offering a free lunch in exchange for attendance at your seminar.
  • Step 6: Get booths at trade shows and community events with clear and simple signage identifying your business and services. Supply sign-up sheets for information cards.
  • Step 7: Buy targeted mailing lists and blanket the selected sector with information on your services. Provide comment cards for more information that will, regardless of how much business results, help in evaluating the relative success of each mailing.
  • Step 8: Advertise as many different ways as you can. Set up kiosks at malls and airports, create short radio spots to get the word out, and buy advertising space on buses and park benches.
  • Step 9: Set weekly contact goals to effectively sell insurance policies. Reach potential clients on the internet or cold call them by using the phone and knocking on doors. Independently find prospects through tips from existing clients as well.

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