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How to Sell Your Self-Published Book on Amazon

If you're a small publisher or author with a self-published book, you can sell it on Amazon as hard copy inventory, print-on-demand, or via the Kindle Publishing Platform.


  • TIP: CreateSpace, an Amazon company, will assign an ISBN to your book for free if you don't already have one.
  • Step 1: Upgrade your CreateSpace account to the Pro Plan and sell your book through the Expanded Distribution Channel to online and off-line retailers. Start getting paid for your work!
  • FACT: In 1999, _Time_ magazine named Amazon founder Jeff Bezos its "Person of the Year."
  • Step 2: Open a CreateSpace account. Sell your book as print-on-demand and save on inventory costs -- books are produced only per customer order.
  • Step 3: Sell your book through the Kindle Publishing Program. You'll need to convert a digital copy to Amazon's DTP format for the Kindle reader.
  • TIP: There are also disadvantages. Amazon takes a percentage of your book's "official" price and may offer it at a discount.
  • Step 4: Get an ISBN number and bar code for your pre-printed book. Buy an ISBN at the Bowker Identifier Services' site -- Bowker and other vendors also sell bar codes.
  • Step 5: Sell your pre-printed book via Amazon Advantage. You'll need North American distribution rights, a U.S. bank account, an ISBN, and a bar code for your book.
  • Step 6: Know the advantages of selling via Amazon, including wide exposure to buyer traffic. They also ship copies to buyers and keep track of billing.

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