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How to Send a New Message on Gmail

When you've got news or updates that you can't wait to share, e-mail is a quick way to let people know. Keep in touch with friends and family around the world by sending updates from your Gmail account.


  • TIP: Save your message if you can't finish it in one sitting. Click Save Now at the top or bottom of the Compose Mail form to keep a draft copy of your message in progress.
  • Step 1: Find the Send button at the top or bottom of the Compose Message form and click on it to send your message to its recipient. They will almost immediately know all about your news.
  • FACT: Gmail began on April 1, 2004, but Google didn't remove the "beta" label from its e-mail service until 2009.
  • Step 2: Click on the large white space under the Subject line and type the body of your message.
  • Step 3: Move your cursor to the space next to the word Subject: and type a brief subject for your message.
  • Step 4: Find the Compose Mail link in the upper left corner of the page, under the Gmail logo. Click on it to open the form for a new Gmail message.
  • Step 5: Click on the white space next to the word To: and enter the e-mail address of the person to whom you wish to send the message.
  • TIP: Create Gmail contact entries for people you e-mail frequently so that their address can quickly be added to new messages.
  • Step 6: Go to and log in to your Gmail account using your account name and password. You will be sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

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