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How to Send a Text Message from E-mail

You can have a text message conversation with a friend without leaving your computer -- or incurring those pesky SMS sending fees.


  • Step 1: If you have a smartphone, consider downloading an SMS app for a fee that will allow you to send an e-mail from your cellphone that shows up as a text message to the receiver. The receiver can reply as if the message were a text, but it will show up as an e-mail for you.
  • FACT: The average American teen sends and receives over 3,000 text messages a month.
  • TIP: Search online for each company's SMS e-mail domain.
  • Step 2: Use an e-mail address to send a text. Start by typing the person's 10-digit phone number into the To: field; follow it with the at symbol and their cellphone company's SMS e-mail domain. Now start sending!
  • Step 3: Enter a phone number for the contact. Do this by either going into your Contacts and changing the entry, or by just entering a number once you hit Send Text (SMS) in the chat window.
  • TIP: If you're contact's phone number is linked to your Gmail contacts, the number will pop up automatically.
  • Step 4: Send a text in Gchat by enabling SMS in Chat Gadget Lab and the Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat Lab. Labs can be accessed by entering Gmail, clicking on Settings, and then Labs. Once you have enabled this feature you can open a chat with any of your Gmail contacts. Click Actions, and click on Send Text (SMS).

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