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How to Send a Wedding Gift

Don't lug the gift with you to the ceremony; deliver it to make the couple's day easier along with yours. Learn the proper way with these tips.


  • Step 1: Ship the gift to couple at their home if you are sending the present after the wedding.
  • Step 2: Ship your gift within 2 months of the wedding. If you are attending the wedding, the gift should arrive before the couple's special day. If you cannot attend the day's events don't wait, get the gift out while the registry is still active.
  • FACT: Giving almonds to wedding guests is a Middle Eastern tradition. 5 almonds represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health, and happiness.
  • Step 3: Ship gifts to the bride if you are sending one before the wedding. If she is living with her parents use their address; if she is living on her own or with her fiancee, use that address.
  • TIP: Some retailers will ship gifts to the bride and groom free of charge if it is picked from the registry.
  • TIP: If sending a gift as a group, make sure everyone who chipped in is included on the card.
  • Step 4: Do not bring the gift with you to the wedding -- ship it. No one wants to lug around gifts on their wedding night. It will also avoid the chance it will get lost, broken, or stolen.
  • Step 5: Include a card with the gift. It'll enable you to include a personal message to the bride and groom.

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