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How to Set Up a Mashed Potato Bar

Mashed potatoes can be more than a side dish. Create the ultimate comfort food buffet, and make spuds the star of the show.


  • Step 1: Decide on the toppings you'll offer besides the requisite gravy. Use your imagination; nothing is off limits!
  • Step 2: Put out bowls big enough to hold a heaping helping of potatoes as well as several toppings. Or, if you want to set up a more elegant mashed potato bar, use martini glasses -- guests can always go back for seconds.
  • Step 3: Now that you know how to set up a mashed potato bar, branch out and include mashed sweet potatoes or even mashed cauliflower at your next party. Bon appétit!
  • FACT: The Spanish introduced potatoes to Europe in the 16th century after discovering them in Peru.
  • TIP: You can mash the potatoes ahead of time and then reheat them in the oven or microwave just before serving.
  • Step 4: Transfer the mashed potatoes to a chafing dish or Crock-Pot. It's important to keep your spuds warm when you set up a mashed potato bar.
  • TIP: 6 pounds of potatoes will make about 8 cups of mashed potatoes.
  • Step 5: Drain the potatoes, return them to the pot, and cook them over low heat, shaking the pot occasionally. Add the butter into the potatoes and mash. Add the cream, salt, and pepper, and continue mashing until the potatoes are smooth.
  • TIP: Switch to a fork to mash toward the end for extra smooth potatoes.
  • Step 6: Peel the potatoes; cut them into 1-inch cubes; put them in a pot; cover them with water, and bring them to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer partially covered until tender, about 25 minutes.

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