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How To Shop For Vintage and Retro Lingerie

The classic styling of vintage and retro lingerie appeals to a wide swath of women. Channel your inner pinup by shopping for the sexy lingerie styles of yesteryear.


  • TIP: Bring in your own unwanted items for cash or store credit. Consignment stores routinely look for new merchandise and you should be able to buy or trade for in-store items.
  • Step 1: Arm yourself with the latest garage sale listings and hit the yard sale circuit to find cheap pieces. Inspect your selections for major stains or tears that will impact the lingerie's wearability. Now take a trip back in time with your vintage-wear.
  • FACT: Alberto Vargas became famous for his Varga Girl pinup paintings that appeared in _Esquire_ magazine beginning in 1940.
  • Step 2: Check your local online phone directory for area vintage clothing, thrift, and consignment stores. Keep in mind that trendy vintage stores may possibly be more expensive -- do a thorough inspection of clothing near a window to make sure they're devoid of major stains or rips.
  • TIP: Always ask about the seller or the store's return policy; many vintage stores have a strict no-return policy.
  • TIP: Search for vintage and retro lingerie on popular websites such as Craigslist or bid for items on Ebay.
  • Step 3: Use your computer to search online for vintage and retro lingerie sites. Keep a list of your favorite sellers and sign up for e-mail updates.
  • Step 4: Use a measuring tape to accurately measure your height, waist, hips, inseam, and bust. Standards were different back then and the sizes won't match up to today's numbers. Exact measurements are important, especially if you won't be able to try on the clothing.

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