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How To Stage an Office Olympics

Take your company's cutthroat competition to a whole new level by holding an Office Olympics.


  • Step 1: Choose a representative from each team to see who can heave a large crumpled piece of paper the farthest. The one who throws the farthest will get points for the team.
  • Step 2: Set up volleyball games, with competitors batting a toilet paper roll over a cubicle divider.
  • Step 3: Tally up the points for each team and award gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three.
  • FACT: Studies have shown that employees that have fun at the workplace have greater overall job satisfaction than those who don't.
  • Step 4: Match up one competitor from one group with another group. Hold a contest to see who can be the fastest to translate an office memo into normal English. Each winner will have points allotted to their team.
  • Step 5: Devise a relay race that passes the stapler like a baton between teammates who must complete a series of menial office tasks in order. Time each group to see who can accomplish the race the fastest.
  • Step 6: Split up competitors into teams based on department or randomly, and choose at least three judges for the competitions that need to be scored. Come up with team names.
  • Step 7: Divide competitors from each team into pairs and have them perform synchronized “swimming” in rolling office chairs. Judges will choose the winners based on how synchronized the pairs are, and points will be given to the team they belong to.
  • TIP: Assign someone to hold a faux microphone and keep up a steady chatter of Olympic cliches.
  • Step 8: Convince the boss that hosting an Office Olympics will boost morale and increase team loyalty.

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