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How To Start a Recycling Program in Your School or Office

We all want a clean planet, but people still need information, money, and motivation – and, of course, leaders like you.


  • Step 1: Coordinate a system of color-coded bins and signage for locations which will be announced and advertised throughout the school and/or business community.
  • Step 2: Educate the community, school, or office about the program. Provide illustrations and documentation.
  • Step 3: Work toward providing recycling receptacles in each classroom or office. Getting more people involved lightens your burden and ensures that the program will continue on its own.
  • FACT: By 2007, 4,600 waste sites were handling over half a million tons of hazardous chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing materials and industrial waste annually.
  • TIP: Use proceeds from can and bottle returns to buy recycling bins and containers for those willing who can’t yet afford them.
  • Step 4: Document savings and report them to your community trash service. Emphasize the benefits of your concept and raise money on behalf of your cause.
  • TIP: Check out to find out about local recycling programs, by typing in your zip code.
  • Step 5: Research costs for haulers. Compare these to expenses to install equipment for a drop-off location and choose the most affordable and likely to succeed.
  • Step 6: Advertise and network to assemble like-minded volunteers from the community and public works departments. Through this team, evaluate local markets for recyclables and establish your program.
  • TIP: Get approval from the fire marshal for your locations and storage plans.
  • Step 7: Investigate local recycling resources and facilities to learn how to organize and separate recyclables.

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