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How to Stay In Shape During the Winter

Don't use cold weather as an excuse to vegetate. Keep fit with these winter-friendly workouts.


  • Step 1: Use workout DVDs to stay in shape during the winter. Most require little or no equipment. Keep things interesting by trading DVDs with friends, or checking out different ones from the library or your DVD home delivery service.
  • Step 2: Watch what you eat: our tendency to get less sunlight in the winter causes a drop in the hormone serotonin, which may make us crave extra carbohydrates. So try not to pig out on bread and pasta. Your body will thank you when bathing suit season rolls around.
  • FACT: Americans gain about a pound each year during the winter holiday season.
  • TIP: Shovel snow for elderly neighbors, too; it's good for your body _and_ your soul.
  • Step 3: Take up a winter sport, like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. If you live in a snowy area, buy a pair of snowshoes for easy outdoor exercise. Or just shovel your own snow: it burns as much as 360 calories an hour.
  • TIP: Some gyms offer Hula-hoop classes.
  • Step 4: Find an indoor stairwell: walking up and down stairs not only gets your heart pumping, but gives your legs a good burn.
  • Step 5: Go out dancing, or sign up for a dance class. Shaking your groove thing is one of the best calorie burners around.
  • Step 6: Rediscover childhood games like rope-jumping and Hula-hooping. Jump ropes with calorie counters are available online, and weighted Hula-hoops designed to provide a cardiovascular workout are available in many stores.

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