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How To Stop Losing Your Keys

Tired of wasting time searching for your keys? Save yourself the scramble with these tips.


  • TIP: Attach a paging device to your key chain as an added measure.
  • Step 1: Try this memory trick: When you stash your keys somewhere, say the place aloud, picture the written word, and conjure up an image of the location. All three will help sear the spot into your brain. Plus, the more you do this, the less likely you are to forget your keys altogether.
  • FACT: Studies have linked diets high in saturated fat to memory loss.
  • Step 2: Put your keys on oversized, neon key chains that make them easy to spot.
  • Step 3: Make two or three copies of your keys so you always have a spare somewhere. Stick a set in your wallet, and keep a pair in your desk, nightstand, or a kitchen drawer. Leave a set with a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Step 4: Be consistent. When you're out, keep your keys in the same pocket or compartment of your bag; when you're home, put them in a designated spot near the front door.
  • TIP: Find keys fast by attaching them to a zippered inside pocket of your bag with a carabiner.
  • Step 5: Get organized –messiness is often the root of the problem. The less clutter, the less likely your keys will disappear into piles of junk.

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