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How to Succeed in Online Dating

Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship or a fling, here are some ways to increase your chances of success in online dating.


  • Step 1: When you find someone you like, spend time chatting with them online before you agree to meet in person, so you can forge a connection. Talking on the phone can lead to you feeling more comfortable during your first meeting, too.
  • Step 2: Tweak your profile if you're not getting a lot of responses, and change your photo from time to time to attract new people. Above all, have fun! The singles who succeed in online dating are the ones who go into it with a good attitude.
  • FACT: As of 2010, 1 in 6 marriages are now between people who met through online dating.
  • TIP: Keep your message short -- initial messages that are about 50 words long have better response rates than longer ones.
  • Step 3: Communicate carefully when you contact someone or respond to their message. Misspellings, bad grammar, and texting shortcuts reduce your chances of getting a reply. Researchers have also found that complimenting someone's looks often backfires.
  • Step 4: Post a couple of good photos of yourself; it's essential if you want to have any success in online dating. If you're a woman, look flirtatiously into the camera; if you're a guy, look away from the camera and don't smile. Those demeanors were found to be the most successful at attracting interest in a study of online profiles.
  • TIP: If you're a woman over 35, show some cleavage; research shows it'll up your response rate.
  • Step 5: Write a catchy profile -- one that gives a peek into your personality without revealing too much information. According to one study, when people were too specific in their online profiles, they were more likely to be rejected.
  • Step 6: Pick the right site for you. General online dating sites offer more potential matches, but niche ones let you target people who share your beliefs or interests. If you're interested in a serious relationship, look for a site that promotes that goal.

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