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How to Survive a Mosh Pit

The mosh pit couples raging rock music with physical contact. Learn the finer points of pit protocol to ensure that you avoid injury while in the midst of a mix of body slamming and frenetic dancing.


  • Step 1: Practice mosh etiquette. If you see someone fall down, or get kicked down, help pick them up. If a mosher is injured, you may need to lift them up and crowd-surf them toward help. And, if someone's trying to exit the pit, reach in to pull them out.
  • Step 2: Look for gaps in the crowd when you time your exit, and make your way towards open points as you circle the pit. Point to indicate you need to get out, and spectators may give you a hand. If you're deep in the tightly confined pit, point up and your fellow moshers may lift you up and crowd-surf you to the back. With a little etiquette in the midst of the throng, you can get your groove on without throwing out your back.
  • FACT: The Ramones were the first American punk rock band to sign a record deal. They signed with Sire Records in 1975.
  • Step 3: Push past the spectators into the actual pit. Bring your arms up toward your chest to ward off blows, as well as to swing around as you dance. Move according to the direction and speed of the others.
  • TIP: Mosh pits may also include slam dancing, crowd surfing, pogo dancing, and stage diving.
  • TIP: Don't wear a skirt or dress to the mosh pit. Hands have a tendency to wander in the confined atmosphere.
  • Step 4: Look at the action inside the mosh pit. Is one section more unrelenting or brutal than the other? Circle around the outside of the pit to gauge the level of aggression and adapt accordingly before entering.
  • Step 5: Dress for the event. Wear pants, preferably with zippered pockets to keep belongings in place. Wear hard-soled shoes or boots, with laces tightly knotted. A tank top or light t-shirt works for both men and women, as you'll be working up a sweat. Remove any sharp jewelry -- such as spiked wristbands -- or piercings before entering the mosh pit to avoid injuring yourself and others.

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