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How to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis

Getting through your 20s presents all kinds of unique challenges. But with a plan and the right approach, you can begin to forge a happy life and achieve success.


  • TIP: Don't define yourself according to the opinions of others.
  • Step 1: Avoid becoming lazy. Get out there and make your future happen. It may sound cliche, but life really is what you make it. Pursue your goals with the vitality that comes with being in your 20s!
  • FACT: According to the United States Census, the average American aged 18 to 30 has held 7 to 8 different jobs.
  • Step 2: Redefine what success means. Money and material possessions will likely become less important to you as you grow older. You don't have to judge yourself by other people's standards -- you only have to make yourself happy.
  • Step 3: Consider a career change if you're in an entry-level position and you're discovering that you don't like what you're doing. Few people end up with jobs in the field that they studied in school.
  • TIP: Don't compare yourself with others.
  • Step 4: Live in the moment and find out who you are. Constantly worrying about the future will divert focus from what you're doing today. Find out what you're passionate about and focus on it.
  • Step 5: Make a 3-part list of what you hope to accomplish in the near term, medium term, and long term. Use an outline format, and beneath each goal, list concrete steps you can take toward achieving the goals leading up to the next one.
  • Step 6: Be realistic in what you can expect from your life at this point. Don't obsess about what you haven't achieved -- there will always be someone who has done more than you. Focus on your goals and developing a plan for achieving them.

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