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How to Survive a Sandstorm

Sweeping sands and whipping wind can be dangerous, but with the proper precautions, you can survive a sandstorm.


  • Step 1: Find shelter from the storm and stay there. Seek out shelter on higher ground as floods can occur during a sandstorm.
  • Step 2: Get off the road if you are in a car when you get caught in a sandstorm. Visibility in a sandstorm is very low. Turn off your lights so other cars won't be attracted to yours and crash into you. With the right equipment, enduring the elements is a day at the beach!
  • FACT: In 2009, the remains of a Persian army was found in the Sahara desert, giving evidence for the story of the 50,000-man army of Chambyses II that was buried in a sandstorm.
  • Step 3: Travel in the opposite direction of the storm and try to outrun it if possible.
  • Step 4: Apply petroleum jelly to your nostrils and lotions to your skin to avoid drying out.
  • TIP: Wet a piece of cloth and wrap it around your eyes and nose if you do not have goggles or a mask on you.
  • Step 5: Carry plenty of water with you.
  • Step 6: Travel with airtight goggles and a mask in an area prone to sandstorms. When a sandstorm starts, wear the goggles and mask to filter out the sand.

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