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How to Take a Baby Camping

If you decide to take a baby on a camping trip, keep these tips in mind.


  • Step 1: Bring plenty of diapers, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers on the trip.
  • Step 2: Dress the baby in layers. Use garments that snap around the baby's crotch so you don't have to undress the infant each time you change diapers. Bring plenty of extra clothing if your baby is old enough to want to touch everything -- including all the dirt around the campsite.
  • Step 3: Bring along a sunblock product specially formulated for a baby's skin. If you keep these tips in mind, your little one will enjoy the great outdoors as much as you do.
  • FACT: Mark Twain's book Roughing It was first published in 1872.
  • Step 4: Have the baby sleep in the playpen inside the tent. Bring along the baby's usual bedding, which will provide a sense of familiarity.
  • TIP: Bring a large mosquito net to completely cover the playpen if there will be mosquitoes where you camp.
  • Step 5: Choose a familiar campsite close to home. If you forget something, you can run home without a hassle.
  • Step 6: Keep an eye on the baby. Have someone watch the baby at all times.
  • Step 7: Take along a playpen to keep the baby from getting in harm's way. Confine the baby to a stroller at the campfire.
  • : Consult the baby's pediatrician before you take the baby camping. A very young child's immune system is still developing.

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