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How To Take Apart Your PS3

If you're looking to upgrade your PlayStation 3 or just wonder what's inside, this guide will take you through a full breakdown safely.


  • : Before taking apart your PS3 console, contact manufacturer Sony directly to see if your PS3 is covered by a warranty, since once you take apart the console your warranty becomes null and void!
  • Step 1: Prepare to disassemble your PS3 by clearing table space. Cover the work area with either a clean table cloth or sheet, and don latex gloves to prevent oily fingerprints.
  • TIP: Protect your PS3 from static electricity with a specially designed anti-static wrist strap or wear rubber soled shoes in an area without carpet.
  • Step 2: Pry up the rubber foot on the vertical bottom of the PS3 using a micro flat head screwdriver.
  • Step 3: Remove the Torx screw hidden underneath the rubber foot and pop off the front cover carefully.
  • Step 4: Remove the seven screws hidden underneath the front face cover around the perimeter to pry up the inner cover.
  • TIP: Reach the two clasps at the bottom holding the inner cover on with a longer screwdriver or even a pen.
  • Step 5: Unplug and remove power supply, a shiny silver box, by unscrewing the five Phillips head screws around the perimeter.
  • Step 6: Lift up the disc drive and gently undo the the ribbon cable attached to the drive. Now you have access to all the wires, cables, and other parts of your PS3.
  • FACT: Of the 205 million computers and computer products thrown out in 2006-2007, only about 18 percent got recycled.

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